SUPER POR-ROK® ANCHORING CEMENT is used in the anchoring of heavy machinery, railings, guard rails, banisters, repairing of cracks on damaged concrete substrate. It is a non-shrink, hydraulic, controlled expansion cement in a ready to use preparation. Water is added at the job site to provide a pourable, durable anchoring or patching compound.
SUPER POR-ROK® ANCHORING CEMENT has almost unlimited field applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Anchors-Bolts, Dowels, Railings, Reinforcing Rods, Machinery, Pipes in Concrete
  • Grouts—Heavy Machinery, Structural Columns, Bearing Plates, Pre-cast Columns
  • In setting, exerts expansion forces which “locks in”
  • Anchor bolts, railings, etc.

Product Features:

  • No rodding, chaining or vibrating
  • Pourable
  • Ideal for patching floors, walls, crack in concrete structures, caulking foundations/wall voids
  • Interior or Exterior use
  • No heating or two component mixing needed
  • Quick Setting – Sets in 15 minutes
  • Expands as it sets
  • Stronger than concrete in 1 hour