PRO PLUG 45 is a hydraulic cement formula designed to set at three (3) times the speed of ordinary quick set plug. Instant setting can be achieved in 45 seconds to stop pressure leaks in concrete and masonry surfaces. This rapid set allows PRO PLUG 45 to bond mechanically and chemically to saturate surfaces.

Uses & Applications:

  • Stops Streaming Leaks in Concrete
  • Anchors Bolts and Rods
  • Seals Cracks and Floor and Wall Junctions

Product Features:

  • Non-Metallic, Non Rusting
  • Fast Setting
  • Stops water leaks under pressure
  • Easy to mix
  • Single component
  • Expands as it sets
  • Waterproof
  • Chloride and metal free mortar
  • Freeze-Thaw stable
  • Can be shaved and molded to desired contour
  • Once set, Pro Plug 45 is resistant to hydrostatic pressue