PRO WET PLUG instant setting can be achieved in 2-3 minutes to stop pressure leaks in concrete and masonry surfaces. This rapid set allows PRO WET PLUG to bond mechanically and chemically to saturate surfaces.

Uses & Applications:

  • Stops Streaming Leaks in Concrete
  • Anchors Bolts and Rods
  • Seals Cracks and Floor and Wall Junctions

Product Features:

  • Non-Metallic, Non Rusting
  • Fast Setting
  • Stops water leaks under pressure
  • Easy to mix
  • Single component
  • Expands as it sets
  • Waterproof
  • Chloride and metal free mortar
  • Freeze-Thaw stable
  • Can be shaved and molded to desired contour
  • Once set, PRO WET PLUG is resistant to hydrostatic pressue