POR-ROK® HALCO GROUT is a premium non-shrink, non-ferrous grout that is easily mixed for grouting at any consistency; dry-pack, plastic, or pourable. It contains no iron particles chlorides or gypsum, and will not corrode, shrink, rust or ravel even under consistently moist conditions. When mixed according to instructions, it produces a high compressive strength due to a technology that reduces the water/cement ratio.


  • Pourable, Pumpable and Dry-Pack Consistency
  • Non Shrink
  • Non-Metallic – Non Corrosive
  • Interior / Exterior Applications
  • No heating or two component mixing needed
  • Holds several DOT specifications


  • ASTM C-1107, standard specification for packaged dry, hydraulic cement grout (non-shrink)
  • CRD–C 621-89, specification for non-shrink grout
  • CRD – C 614, method of test for time of setting of grout mixtures
  • ASTM C-109, standard test for compressive strength of hydraulic cement mortars
  • ASTM C-266, (CRD-C 222), standard test for time of setting of hydraulic cement by Gillmore Needle
  • ASTM C-232 (CRD-C 79), standard method of test for bleeding of concrete
  • ASTM C-827-82, standard test method for early volume change of cementitious mixtures
  • ASTM C-942, test method for compressive strength of grouts for replaced aggregate concrete